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Dylan Miles

Dylan Miles — Sales Director


Born into a passionate motoring family, Dylan grew up immersed in the world of classic cars and vintage motorcycles and his first spoken word was 'car!' His father Simon is the pre-eminent restorer of Brough Superior and Brooklands racing motorcycles, as well as an avid car enthusiast, which undoubtedly influenced Dylan's passion for all things automotive throughout his childhood.

Dylan has spent his career to date working for some of the most prestigious dealers and auction houses in Europe, Middle East and the USA, employed by highly respected organisations such as RM Sothebys, Fiskens, Autosport Designs Inc and latterly JD Classics where he was able to hone his skills in the trading of collectors cars and motorcycles with guidance from some of most experienced people in the international classic car business.

With a lifetime of experience, enthusiasm and personal interest, he has developed an extensive international network of friends, collectors and industry specialists within the classic car world. The natural progression of this time and experience has allowed him to create his own platform to operate from and in September 2017, Dylan Miles Ltd was formed and the company launched at the annual Salon Prive Concours D'Elegance with great success.

Please contact Dylan on sales@dylan-miles.com

Michael Crouch

Michael Crouch — Marketing & Finance


As good friends for the best part of 20 years and with a mutual interest in all things automotive, Michael joined Dylan to help establish the business in August 2017.

After graduating with a Banking and Finance degree from Loughborough University in 2008, Mike spent the early part of his career working for international investment banks in London before moving to Dubai in 2013, joining one of the regions leading Oilfield Services companies as their Investor Relations Officer, with additional responsibilities for Corporate Finance and Financial Control.

His decision to relocate back to London in 2017 coincided with Dylan’s ambitions to establish as an independent entity, and so the stars aligned for a complementary partnership under the Dylan Miles Ltd brand.

Please contact Michael on info@dylan-miles.com

“Classic cars have been in my family since I was a child and remain my lifelong passion. Whether you’re searching for the car of your dreams or looking to sell a treasured classic, we're here to help and we look forward to working with you.”
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